VIP Protection

Comprised of active and retired law enforcement officers.

The current security climate presents challenges for those seeking to conduct business around the world. It is more important than ever that employers protect their employees by providing them with the best threat mitigation available. has been providing clients with the highest quality, Close Protection and Personal Security Details for over 20 years. It has successfully escorted personnel and assets for governments, major corporations and international peace and security organisations operating in the world’s most hostile environments including Afghanistan, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kenya and Bosnia.

Our teams are manned by a combination of international and local security operators, with a profile that is appropriate to the task environment. This provides excellent flexibility and the ability to operate in a wide range of environments from remote sites to downtown business districts. All personnel are recruited and vetted through the Human Resources Department to ensure they have the correct blend of operational and regional experience and are then given comprehensive pre-deployment training at our dedicated security training facilities. can tailor its service to meet client’s specific requirements and caters for high and low profile security as the situation demands. Our CP and PSD operators generally adopt a low profile approach to their work and can be relied upon to provide a discreet, bespoke security service. Example configurations would be:

  • Low profile local PSD - for urban or sensitive areas, including reconnaissance work;
  • Mixed local/international PSD - important visits to areas where there is a high threat but a need to operate discreetly;
  • High profile international PSD - for visits involving crossing rough or remote terrain and to high threat environments where concealment is difficult.

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