Event Security

Leave security worries to us

Special events often call for unique security services. Whether it’s a concert, hotel convention, corporate, sporting, or media event, you need to be prepared for a variety of potential security risks. With Bodyguards.org special event services, you can leave the security and safety of your event guests to us, so your focus can be on where it needs to be. 


You can be confident in the experience of the Bodyguards.org team. Each of our security guards has been trained to effectively respond to virtually any special event security issue that might occur. Whether it’s dealing with an intoxicated attendee, ejecting unwanted trespassers, diffusing arguments, or protecting guests from acts of violence or theft, our highly trained security guards at your event know how to address the situation.

Security Your Way

Under the watchful eyes of our hard-working security force, we will diligently patrol the grounds of the event to prevent and diffuse potential security issues. We will also monitor all entrances at the event location to make sure no unwanted guests are allowed access. All of this will be carried out as discreetly as possible. Depending on your preferences, our security team can be as visible or unobtrusive as necessary. 

Delivering Excellence

Bodyguards.org has the considerable resources to effectively secure a variety of special event scenarios. Whether large or small, our team will put together a functional security strategy that minimizes risk and promotes goodwill at your special event. From the planning stage all the way to the execution, you can trust us to deliver superior security results.