About Us

Bodyguard.org's core business is devising and implementing solutions to its clients’ complex security issues, often in some of the most hostile areas of the world. Over the years Bodyguards.org has established a reputation as the leading provider of defensive, protective security services in countries experiencing diminished law and order, civil war or where there is a high risk of terrorism.

Bodyguards.org’s protective security experience includes:

  • Providing full turnkey security operations for clients worldwide, from the initial risk management consultancy to providing the strategic and operational solution;
  • Protective security and management for oil and gas facilities and pipeline projects in Russia, central Asia, Latin America, africa and the Middle East;
  • Convoy and mobile protection in the Middle East, particularly Afghanistan and Iraq, for commercial and government clients;
  • Close Protection for clients and their families;
  • Provision of secure communications for the new banking sector in Iraq and installation of fire and security systems across Russia;
  • UK and US Embassy and High Commission protective security worldwide, including Afghanistan, Bahrain, Cote d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Jordan, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda;
  • Support for humanitarian operations in Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans.

A typical Bodyguards.org country team has international staff with extensive regional and operational experience combined with well placed local national management and local security professionals, paid competitive wages and complying with local regulations and customs. This mix delivers best practice services; combining international standards with essential local insight, access and knowledge.